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Register as a Contractor, Talent, or Entrepreneur, and receive alerts through your profile and Jobsearch website. If you meet the project requirements, TheTrustedService recruiter will also reach out to you about the opportunity.

How does it work?

You’ll gain access to new job opportunities that match your expertise and join our network of Thetrustedservice Preferred Suppliers.

The benefits for Contractors to use our services

  • Improved Professional Satisfaction and greater flexibility
  • Get paid securely
  • From contract to payment, we help you work safely and get paid securely
  • The best choice of temporary, permanent and contract jobs across the World.
  • CV and interview advice that will give you that all important edge in the market
  • Guidance from experienced recruitment consultants with your career aspirations
  • Save you time when searching for a job; such as searching through job boards, databases and contacting companies
  • Inspiring People and Business to Work Safely and Sustainable
  • ​Deliver Skilled Knowledge across the World
  • The strength of relationships built across the organization gives you to access the comprehensive capabilities.
  • Helps you develop meaningful personal relationships across the globe.
  • Certified from the Government backed standard scheme that help to protect against a whole range of cyber attacks

Get yourself insured

As a contractor, you’ll be providing professional advice and services which your clients rely on.

That means that if something goes wrong, the company or the employer could decide to put in a claim against you.

Even the most skilled or careful contractor can make mistakes, and clients have also been known to allege contractors have breached their contract or made mistakes when they have not.

Professional indemnity insurance can protect contractors against such claims, and may cover legal costs due to negligence, or compensation needed to pay to correct a mistake.

As well as protecting you and giving you peace of mind, professional indemnity insurance also provides reassurance to your clients. It’s now often specified as a requirement in many contracts.

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