Public Sector – Local Government

Any organization run by the government and funded by tax-payers money can be classified as public sector.

We connect with Professionals worldwide.

We provide the expertise and consultancy support you need to ensure your project is delivered successfully. Our team of consultants cover a varied portfolio of business skill sets ensuring that we add valuable insight and expertise to assist you with moving towards a positive solution.

We know that the perfect job means different things to different people. Because we’re passionate about our community and our clients, we make sure job placements are a good fit personally as well as professionally, whether you’re contracting or taking the next career step.

Whether you’re looking to post a Job with  a salary range (e.g. per hour/per day/per month/per year) or request the quotes for the service to be performed, we’re here to help. We’ll provide an end-to-end service, supporting every stage of the talent acquisition, from initial talent attraction through screening and on boarding. You can⏩ Post your request here and to find the right manufacturer or provider for your product, equipment, and service you can visit this link⏩ The Trusted Commercial  

Every application is pre-screened to assess the suitability of a candidate for the specific role we are recruiting for. We are committed to maintain 100% compliance. We conduct Employment history checks, Reference checks, Conduct Enhanced DBS Checks , Overseas police check (if applicable)and required Mandatory.

Our expertise and professional ability to match candidates with vacancies has built a tremendous degree of client trust. It gives us a real edge in discovering the hidden “gems” as well as the competent knowledge and information professionals.

We offer integrity and professionalism and keep clients and candidates fully informed.

Ensuring you get the service process right is just as important as selecting the slabs, and familiarising yourself with the process ahead of time will help you oid any costly mistakes.

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